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MARKETING: A vacant property

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Have you been tasked with marketing a property that’s vacant?

Empty homes can take a little longer to sell and in our opinion, it's because they lack on key element - emotional appeal.

When someone is buying a home to live in they will act based on a few things.

- The size is right

- The price is right

- The location

- The growth potential

...but one of the biggest motivators that we see driving price up? Emotion!

A connection with a home… that feeling that “yep, this is the one’’ - and it’s fair to say that that will most likely not occur if the space is empty.

So what can you do as an agent? Make sure your marketing plan is solid!

Professional photography

It goes without saying that professional photography is a must.

Great looking photos are critical to getting buyers to click through on your online listing and according to, buyers are 65% more likely to view a listing that has professional photography. A no brainer right? People love pretty images.

Presenting your property in the best light is still one of the most crucial selling elements and professional photography is best at capturing it.

Professional Staging

There’s nothing more powerful than having a stylist stage the property. They will be able to tell a consistent story throughout the home, make excellent use of the space, disguise imperfections and can even gear the towards a particular target buyer.

History will show that staged homes attract more people to home opens and very often sell for a higher price.

Virtual furniture ...the second best thing to staging (and far less expensive)

Virtual staging has come a long way with furniture looking incredibly life-like. Learn more about virtual furniture in our blog post here.

Quality copywriting

It goes without saying a compelling real estate copywriting tells a story - and a story has a great way of motivating buyers. The copy can also highlight aspects of the home that photo’s miss so that the buyer gets the full picture (literally).

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