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Commercial Virtual Fitouts - Showcase the property's potential

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

This is an old bank in reality, in the Virtual staging world it's an art gallery, a day spa, a gym plus more!

Are you one of those people who struggle to see the potential in a commercial space? Or need some ideas to help with your marketing plan? Never fear - we've got you covered.

Virtual Commercial Styling and Fitout at your service. As we know the market is tough at the moment, and with a large number of vacant commercial properties available for lease and sale, it's important to give your marketing a competitive edge. And well, this might just do the trick for you. Often commercial spaces are advertised as empty or with the outgoing tenant's furniture and fit-outs still in place. This can be extremely off-putting to many potential clients, who are just not able to see past the current use of the space. It can be daunting to understand if your ideas for a space will work, especially if the space is already filled. With commercial styling and renovation, we can help change this for you - allowing you to reach a wider range of potential clients. The opportunity to "digitally" renovate a space, will allow you to showcase any number of possibilities and really bring the potential of the property to life. This in turn will increase engagement and interest in the property. A State of the art fit-out is sure to capture and hold the attention of those online clickers. We all know there are only a few seconds to grab someone's attention before they move on in the online world, so wouldn't you want to do all you can to hold onto it? Once you have those potential customers engaged, you can then:

1 - Showcase the property's potential - Adding furniture and fit-outs, can not only help make a space look bigger, it can also help customers understand the space and why it could work for them. Something as simple as a large boardroom table will help reveal the true size of the space, measurable to the eye as something comparable rather than in square feet ( Which let's be honest, can be hard to understand )

2 - Create an emotional connection to the space - Is the client looking for a space for their own business or a space with leasing potential? Either way, you want them to connect with the possibilities of the space which is exactly what virtual renovation can do. Everyone connects with a dollar sign, right? 3 - Help them manifest potential revenue options and financial possibilities - A large commercial space has the potential for many different revenue streams. Why not showcase how the property could be leased/divided/used into a multipurpose space? Think Coffee Shop, Office, or Art Space? Three Businesses all in one space - just about anything is possible.

4 - Showcase flexibility with commercial uses - trying to market a large, empty square space like all the others on the market? Or perhaps you have a quirky space that no one knows what to do with? Either way, Virtual Styling can help :)

5 - SHOWCASE POTENTIAL - Ok, so we may have already mentioned that :)

Managed in-house by the Crib Team, please reach out if this is something that has caught your attention. We are always happy to have a chat :)

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