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Styled with Crib - Episode 4

When you've been living somewhere for years, you need to look with fresh eyes to see the potential of your home. It's often the simplest of changes, things that can be easily added or removed, that make a room look expensive. Here are my top tips for styling your home (on a budget) to make sure that when it's time to sell, you are getting top dollar.

1. Bigger is Better

Emphasizes a luxury lifestyle by upscaling on artwork with an extravagant piece. People naturally assume its expensive (this is not always the case, see episode 3 of styled). This goes for bedding too, upgrade to an oversized feathery quilt and plush European pillows to give a luxurious effect.

2. Keep Wires Out Of View

With todays technology you are more than likely to have wires in every room of your home, from the TV in the living room, chargers in the bedroom and appliances in the kitchen. To achieve an expensive look its important to remove as much visual clutter as possible.

Great ways to hide cords:

  • Hook them to the back of your furniture with adhesive plastic hooks or organizing them in a cable management box.

  • As for wall mounted TVs, you can buy a wall cord concealer kit to hide your wires without cutting into your walls. They have an adhesive backing, so you can stick it to your wall without damaging it.

3. Refresh Your Landscaping

The front garden will be potential buyers first impressions of your property, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on landscaping for an expensive look. For example a sprinkle of fresh mulch goes a long way by adding colour and defining any garden beds.

4. Update your fixtures

If your kitchen or bathroom is looking a little bit dated, an easy way to modernise is to replace the fixtures, faucets, and hinges. Don't forget cupboard doors, a cute new handle could make the world of difference.

5. Shed Some Light

Trust me, harsh or dark lighting doesn’t do a space many favors. Replace your bulbs with soft natural looking light. Consider adding recessed lighting, this can be a big selling point in bathrooms/ kitchens and dark hallways! As always flood the space with as much natural light as possible.

6. Splash Of Paint

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your home a high-end look is by adding a fresh coat of paint. When selecting paint colors, choose neutral tones such as grays, beiges, and whites, as they tend to create a sophisticated and timeless look

Remember to keep your target audience in mind, and aim for a cohesive, sophisticated look that will appeal to a wide range of homebuyers! With a little effort and attention to detail, you can help your home stand out from the crowd and fetch top dollar on the market!

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