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A peak inside Ascher Smith's home.

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

If you live in Perth and like perving at local real estate, you have probably heard of Ascher Smith. She is a celebrated Perth-based Exterior Designer, whose style translates into the exteriors she designs. They are clean and chic and exude a certain aesthetic that has made instagram go wild in recent years.

When it comes to her own home, originally purchased as an original 70s brown brick Marmion delight, her and her family have worked tirelessly to bring the old gal back to life whilst keeping some of the quirks that they fell in love with including the arched doorways, multi-levels and raked ceilings. And let's just say, it's amazing what new flooring, white paint ( plus so much more) flair and an imagination can do to a home.

What we love about this home is that you don't need to replace kitchens, bathrooms or even remove walls, you can work with what you have got to achieve a beautiful result.

Ascher and her family are off around Australia so their affectionately named "tree house" is up for rent for a year, hence we took some photos for the property to go n the rental market, which we assume will be a popular one.

Contact: James De Jesus - Realmark Coastal

0428 136 929 -



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