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Virtual staging - your secret weapon

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Virtual staging was a bit of a game changer when it became a thing in our industry a few years back, and it’s only becoming more impressive as it becomes incredibly realistic.

We are big fans of the service... Don't get us wrong, nothing can beat the real thing and having an interior stylist come and physically furnish your pad for sale is something else, but when it comes to smaller homes with tight marketing budgets and in a sellers market, this is a great and very inexpensive alternative. Not to mention the serious wait time currently to hire a styling company!

Still not sold? Check out one our latest virtual furnish and tell us you’re not impressed. The way the fruit bowl is reflected on the glass dining table or the mirror capturing the TV on the adjoining wall, it’s ALL in the details.

This is a great example of small vacant home that just needed a little something to capture the markets attention online - we think it really takes it to another level!

Virtual Staging also gives potential buyers/renters an idea of what they can do with the space, no matter the size or cost of the property.

So, don't advertise an empty home - from furniture, decor and wall hangings, to flooring paint and window treatments - anything is possible in the virtual world!

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