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Why Use Video in Your Marketing?

It’s no secret that video has been an up and coming trend for years. Countless hours of video content are consumed daily. And by countless we mean upwards of 1 billion hours of YouTube social videos per day! But what makes video so great? It is versatile, it’s accessible, it’s engaging, it can help reflect reality, it’s easy to digest and it’s entertaining.

Here at Crib, we love video. We are constantly looking at ways to improve and to give our clients the best possible product to help with their marketing. When it comes to Real Estate marketing, photography tends to be seen as the traditional and more essential form of marketing. But as time progresses, video is becoming more popular and more effective. Still not sold?

Here are just a few reasons why video is king! Informing and educating

Video helps give a better sense of space and presence, especially when it comes to real estate. Help your clients better understand a property and what it can offer! Because video is so versatile, you can not only showcase the property itself, but the surrounding areas. It also allows for more creativity than photography, using elements such as music, sound effects and voiceovers.

SEO (search engine optimisation) SEO is the process of increasing traffic to a website by increasing the visibility of a page or website to users on search engines like google. SEO is really important – you want yourself and/or your agency to show up first when people are looking up agencies and suburbs etc.

Video can work wonders for your SEO as it helps increase time spent on your pages and is deemed ‘high quality content’ which is favoured.

Staying ahead of your competitors

So many businesses are starting to incorporate video in their marketing. You don’t want to be left behind!

Using video helps increase your online presence. It helps showcase your services as well as the properties and areas you work in. It also shows that you are actively keeping up with the latest marketing trends – something clients will definitely appreciate if they are looking for someone to sell their home! Getting personal

Video is not only a great way to showcase properties, but it also helps showcase YOU! As an agent/agency, you spend a lot of time with clients. They aren’t just paying for your practical skills, but also who you are and how you communicate and interact with buyers. You can show off your dazzling smile and lovely personality through video better than any other digital form. This can be done through property videos with voice-overs and intros/outros, but can also be done through profile videos and testimonial videos. The possibilities are endless! Boosting conversations Video is a much more interactive and immersive form of digital marketing. People are way more likely to engage with a creative and clever video than they are with a simple image. So use this to your advantage! Video also increases time spent on your page, which usually correlates with people being more likely to reach out and take action. So what are you waiting for? Keen to book in some videos or just want to chat a bit more about the video products and services we offer? Hit us up today! We’d love to help.

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