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Web Design Principles

Web design principles are super important to keep in mind, both when creating websites, but equally when it comes to how you present on various social media platforms.

So here are some things to keep in mind, both if you're looking to give your website a little makeover, or just want to take your social media to the next level!

Make sure your fonts are easy to read!⁠ Fancy fonts may be fun, but you need to make sure that they can easily be read as well⁠. This may seem obvious, but too often snazzy script fonts are used and can be misread. We are living in a time of laziness and time-poor people – you don’t want a font to stand in the way of someone wanting to know about your product/service.

Use negative space⁠ Less is more!!⁠ Don't overwhelm users - help them focus on what matters most⁠! Leaving plenty of space makes text easier to read and easier to digest.

Consistency is key Being consistent helps build your brand identity and makes any content of yours recognisable and unique. Sticking to your brand eg. Fonts and colours are an easy way to do this!

Keep the audience in mind Everything you create and everything you post should always be done with your target market in mind so that it's always relevant to the people who matter most!⁠

Choose your images wisely⁠ Make sure the images you select match well with the text or context of a post⁠. Popping in random stock images can seem like a good space filler, but it looks amateur and thoughtless if those images aren’t actually relevant.

Avoid big chunks of text⁠ Big chunks of text can be overwhelming, and people often won’t bother to read it all!⁠ So use spaces and line breaks, and keep it as short and simple as possible!

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