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We tested a copywriting bot... and here's what we found!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Ok guys, we tried a copywriting bot and WOW - we didn’t expect for it to actually work so well. GAME CHANGER! Are you writing your own property copy at the moment? Then you’ll know how often you get stuck staring at a blank page not knowing where to begin… When we heard of copywriting bots a while back we were intrigued to see how it could help our clients with their marketing and thought we’d test it out (you’re welcome) There’s hundreds of bot options out there, and a quick Google search will find you scrolling through more results than you have time for… so we did what any seasoned Google searcher would do - we typed in ‘copy bot’ and scrolled to the first option after the paid results. Hello So to explain things technically for those playing at home… copy bot apps are content marketing platforms that use artificial intelligence (AI) to create compelling and engaging marketing copy with the click of a button. Well, that's what they claim to do, and we were skeptical until today. Signing up to was easy - we just used our Google account and we were in within seconds. Next, we chose our topic (real estate) and started our project called (house). Creative, we know…

We then entered a bunch of dummy key words about our fake home and clicked "submit."

Within 15 seconds, we had a real estate copy - and we were pleasantly surprised.

Now this tool isn’t going to give you a complete copy that requires no edits… but it comes pretty damn close and it will certainly give you the bulk of the wording. The more keywords you provide, the better the copy will be.

We trialed the service on their basic free package but for a small monthly fee you can get access to the full suite. Give it a crack, we think you’ll love it!

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