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Are you using Canva?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

We've got a dirty secret...

We're trained graphic designers and we use Canva... THERE. We said it!

Ok, don't get us wrong, Adobe is still our #1 tool for client design, but for quick and easy internal or social marketing templates you really can't go past the insanely user friendly Canva - and we use it internally every day!

While it's been around for years, we still find many real estate agents are unaware of this handy marketing tool or perhaps don't realise just how easy it is to use! It's never been easier to create beautiful designs on your laptop, phone or tablet... and it's kinda fun too - we urge you to give it crack if you haven't.

If you are currently designing your own marketing materials - DL's, letters, flyers or social graphics, Canva's easy-to-use templates will save you hours, while producing a professional end result (ready for print or digital upload!)

Is it really that easy?

YES! You can choose to create your own design and utilise the drop and drag features, OR, choose an existing template and simply update the content (colours, images, text etc ) to suit your brand.

Here's a quick tutorial.

In the home page on the far right - select the item you'd like to create from the drop down menu.

In the next screen, you'll see a blank canvas and a left-hand tool bar.

You can choose to use a ready made template, or drag and drop individual items like (photos, text, icons etc) to create your own design.

We know you're most likely time poor, so we recommend utilising the template feature where most of the work is done for you.

EXAMPLE : Review templates - a favourtie with agents.

In the left hand search bar, type in review and watch hundreds of templates pop up - all fully customisable.

Once you select one, it will appear in the center, ready for you to edit.

Now, it's just a matter of clicking on the elements within the image (heading, logo, text and photo) and updating with your own content!

Once you're happy with your design, click share in the right hand corner and download the image as PNG - and you're done!

The best part? You can download the mobile app and create items like social graphics on your phone - talk about easy!

If you get stuck, don't worry - Canva's help center is second to none.

Head to their large resource section below for plenty of tips and tutorials!

Happy creating :)

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