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Trending apartment designs we're loving!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

There’s a growing shift away from fast-fashion that in recent years has translated to the home, more specifically, multi-residential developments. Gone are the days of the 'here and now' - we're planning for the future, and buyers, now more than ever, are appreciating an investment into timeless style and design. Ands what more timeless than a connection to nature? From raw materials, colours and design; the ''back to nature'' trend is dominating.

Here are the design trends we are seeing taking over.

Natural materials and earthy tones

Raw, earthy materials finishes have become synonymous with the concept of ‘luxury’ in apartment design over the past few years. There's a particular sense of calm and warmth that these materials afford and it’s is just what we’ve needed in our pandemic-crazy world, where the home has been our haven.

We’ve been stuck inside more than ever, so perhaps it has something to do with longing for the outdoors or being at one with nature? Either way, we’re here for it!

Picture: Cove on Overton - Cottesloe

The pattern of natural timber finishes and furnishings in favour of man-made, or synthetic finishes is creeping into all rooms of the home. Kitchen and bathroom spaces, including vanities, walls and ceiling linings are adopting finishes of raw timber, stone and concrete, aging well and giving a refined sense of luxury wherever used.

As our need for a closer connection to nature continues, designers are embracing earthy tones to take us there. These palettes are translating into relaxed spaces that ooze warmth and timeless style - from olive green to clay, this is a trend we hope to see staying right where it is!

Picture: Zera Nedlands

Lifestyle-led floor plans

Free flowing spaces are key to a functional yet stylish home plan. We’re seeing a real focus on connection, where living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens should work together in a functional way, yet offer separation when a family needs it.

Picture: Eclat West Perth


Curves are as hot as ever popping up externally and internally. Internally, curves continue to dominate large spaces like the kitchen, used to soften lines with curved island benches and cabinetry.

Picture- The Gardens Nedlands

Externally, curved facades, arched windows and arch features are all becoming defining elements of new builds. Curves play a big part in the biophilic design and make us feel comfortable and calm as they pay homage to calming curves we see in nature. While many design trends come and go, we have a feeling that this one is here to stay.

Picture: Eclat West Perth

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