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Time spent on mobile overtook time spent watching TV in 2020!

App Annie released its State of Mobile report this week and there were some verrry interesting stats in there.

In a year when much of the world was forced indoors mobile adoption boomed. The report states that it advanced 2-3 years in just 12 months!

Here is some of the key info we took out of the report.

Mobile Time Spent Surpassed Live TV

  • The average Australian watches 2.2 hours of TV per day whereas they spent 3.3 hours on their mobile device in H2 2020.

  • The weighted average among countries analyzed for time spent surpassed 4 hours 10 minutes during the pandemic — up 20% from 2019

Not Just Gen Z — Millennials & Baby Boomers Spend More Time in Mobile​

  • In ​Australia​, Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X/ Baby Boomers spent ​8​%, ​9​% and ​6​% more time YoY, respectively, in their most-used apps.​

  • In Australia, Millenials most used app was

TikTok Outpaces Top Social Apps in Hours Per User

  • ​​Time spent indicates the reach and depth of engagement - among top social apps by time spent, the average time spent per user increased for nearly every app in every market.

  • TikTok ranked in the top 5 by time spent and its average monthly time spent per user grew faster than nearly every other app analyzed, including 70% in the US and 80% in the UK — surpassing Facebook. TikTok is on track to hit 1.2 billion active users in 2021

We had a quick chat amongst the office and found even when it comes to streaming shows, mobile is quickly becoming more used than the TV.

What do you think? Did you spend more time on mobile this year?

To read the full report head to

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