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Things Covid taught us: How to use QR Codes!

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

If there is one thing Covid has taught us all... it's how to use QR Codes.

So don't let everyone's newfound ability to use this handy piece of touch-free tech go to waste!

Here are just a few ways real estate agents could use QR codes in their business:

  • Have a QR code on a property sign board, taking the prospective buyer straight to the listing page (on your website) with all the info

  • Pop a QR code on your home open flyers. If the buyer is interested in making an offer, the QR code takes them to your website with all the relevant info to allow them to do so

  • Have A QR code on your business card - this could take prospective clients to your reviews, agent website, social merdia or wherever serves you best!

  • Include a QR code on your print ads so buyers can easily find your property online - or link it directly to your property video!

  • Use a QR code to give your buyers and sellers information, such as property history, contract documents or appraisal documents, instead of sending them long URL's or arriving at their door with reems of printed material!

  • Use your own QR code to scan people in at home opens or auctions

One of the great benefits of using a QR code is that if you use a dynamic code, the link can be changed or updated (so you don't need to worry if you've printed the code and change your mind about where it goes) and you can track your scans.

So how do you generate your very own QR Code? There are hundreds of websites that can do this for you. Most will charge a fee so do your research and make sure you are getting the product or service you need (different sites will provide different options like dynamic versus static, customising how the code looks tracking ability etc).

Here are a few to check out

  • (This is the site we use at Crib)




Happy scanning!

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