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Styling your home during the Christmas period.

Selling your home this silly season?

If you’re prone to getting a little tinsel - happy, this is the year to keep it to a minimum or perhaps, forget the decorations all together (at least for the photos).

(Sorry to be the Grinch…) but here are two key reasons why.

1. You don't want the decorations taking away from the space you are trying to showcase. Sparkly tinsel, stockings, large Christmas trees and random ornaments can make a space look cluttered and feel smaller than it is.

2. While the objective is to sell quickly, there’s always the chance it may run into the new year period, and if the photos have Christmas decorations in them, they will scream “old listing”.

In saying that, decorations could be a great way to add some warm and fuzzy feeling to the property at home opens - so once the photos are done, a few here and there won't do harm - just keep them classy and don’t create clutter!

A natural floral door wreath or a minimalist tree gets the tick from us!

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