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Introducing: Styled with Crib

Updated: May 3, 2023

Hi! Bree here, Crib’s qualified interior designer and I'm here to share my styling cheat sheet for interior design newbs that might be overwhelmed by the prep that goes into putting their home on the market.

I'll let you in on my first secret... money and style don’t go hand in hand!

You don't have to sell your vital organs to create a chic, inviting living environment. I will be sharing my top tips on turning crap into cash in your crib and also holding your hand through easily styling your home for a sales success.

Connecting With Buyers

For me, the main goal is to create a space that potential buyers can connect with. Sometimes that means you have to ditch your personal taste, mixed-mashed décor, switch up the poorly placed furniture and go back to the basics.

Stay tuned because in 2023 we will be bringing you Styled, Crib's very own interior design series with all the secrets you need to help enhance your home so that it's market ready!

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