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Should I be on TikTok?

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Since its launch in 2017, TikTok’s popularity has been growing rapidly, year on year being named the most downloaded social app across the globe.. But is it right for business, and more specifically, for real estate business?

Let's look at it this way... In the real estate industry, connecting with clients personally can be considered an advantage, so you could argue that since it’s an app that’s all about showing off your personality, there’s certainly a place for it…

Positioning yourself as someone who is conversational and easy to connect with who doesn't take themselves too seriously is bound to make people feel more comfortable, right? Though you might be thinking, what do you have to contribute to a platform used mainly by millennials and Gen Z looking to kill time?

While it's true that 60% of users are under 25 years of age, there’s still 40% of the population who are between 30 - 60!

Check out some of these accounts and their massive reach below.

The key to using TikTok successfully is to create short-form video content that engages users in some way or another. You'll need a plan and some regular content ideas such as;

  • Real estate tips and tricks for sellers and buyers

  • Property tours and sneak peeks

  • Behind the scenes of being a real estate agent (These can be fun and show off your personality)

If you're going to embark on the journey, there's a few things to do religiously.

1. Follow trends

Know what's trending to ensure you're creating content users want to see and are already engaging in. (Trending* refers to content that's receiving the most reach)

3. Have a consistent posting schedule

Posting daily or every second day is key to engagement so having a content plan and staying in front of your audience is crucial.

4. Use hashtags to reach your audience

Hashtags are clickable, which means that if a user clicks on a hashtag, they’re brought to a list of posts that contain that same hashtag. As a result it’s key to use hashtags that are relative to your content.

5. Repurpose your content

You can share your videos on Instagram and Facebook for even further reach, so make sure you are recycling and sharing your content!

Final thoughts...

Any platform to help get your name and brand out there will help in the long run. Even if you don’t directly get leads from it, you are helping to create brand awareness, familiarity and trust.

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