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Should I be in my property videos?

Updated: May 25, 2020

From our in-house video genius, Chris...

The number one hesitation agents have when considering & planning property videos is whether they should be in the video.

You may hate to hear it but there is no right answer to this and that’s a good thing! If there was one right way to present a home on video then every video would be the same and ineffective.

This is something I often work through with agents new to video or considering changing up their videos. Here are a few of the questions I go through to help them with their decision.

Hopefully they will help you too!

1. What’s your brand? Is it property or personality based?

If you’re the face of your business then appearing on camera helps build your profile and personal brand. If your approach is more about the properties you sell then you can let the houses you list speak for themselves (but it doesn’t hurt to make an appearance as a humble guide).

The video below is full of personality, showcasing the agent's brand to a t!

2. Who is the ideal buyer for this property and what will they react best to?

Think about who you are trying to market this property to. Identifying who this is will help you decide on the type of video you need to reach them. Some demographics react well to a property-focused video, others appreciate having someone talking on the video and showing them the home and some just want the facts.

The below video does a beautiful job of showcasing the home and how it can be used, while being the right pace & feel for the potential buyers. We get glimpses of the agent but the house is the hero of the property.

3. Do you need to explain any benefits of the property that cannot be done visually?

Some features of a property need to be explained such as development opportunities, recent renovations, location, property history and any other benefits that you wouldn’t be able to identify from first glance.

In the example below, the agent clearly lays out all the great aspects of the property.

4. Do you need to position the viewer/buyer to react a certain way to the video?

Sometimes getting on camera to give your audience a nudge in the right direction is a big help. Directing their attention to a specific feature, feeling or posing a simple question can change how a viewer engages with a video. Have you ever thought about how much you can influence your audience?

The below example is showcasing a brand new complex - the agent helps to create a little bit of excitement, making the viewer feel like they are being treated to something special.

So if you’re wrestling with deciding if you should be on camera for your video then hopefully these four questions help. If you’re still struggling to decide, the Crib Team can always help you out!

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