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Reels for beginners - a detailed tutorial

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Keen to start creating Reels but have no idea where to start? We've got you...

Instagram Reels are a reoccurring trend and are fun, short-form style videos that aim to engage and entertain.

Similar to TikTok, Reels are displayed in vertical format and are typically between 15-30 seconds in length.

If you're currently trying to ramp up your presence on Instagram, then the Reels option can have many benefits, including boosting engagement and adding a bit of fun into your marketing campaign. The purpose of Reels is to entertain and inspire, so keep in mind these will serve for brand awareness tool rather than a hard hitting sales pitch. Keep it fun!

So how do you create one?

There are a few ways, though we will run you through 2 of the simplest and most time effective options - let's face it, if you're busy running your business, you don't have hours to spend creating content!

  1. Recording a series of videos

  2. Using existing photos/videos in your gallery

First things first - plan out your video content. If you’re going to record some videos - think outside the box; what will your Reel be? A sneak peek of a home before the first open? A location shots of the surrounding area, or maybe a fun “day in the life of a real estate agent’’ where you shoot little snippets throughout your day to show what a standard day looks like for you!


To get familiar with the function - we’d recommend spending a few minutes each morning researching reels to get inspired.

Ok so let’s get started.

Option 1 - taking photos or videos using your smartphone.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we walked through our office and took 5 quick videos (Around 3-5 seconds each)

Head to the reels section of your Instagram and follow our steps - check out our tutorial below!


Always - take your photo or video in portrait mode (holding your camera vertically).

Option 2 - use your property photos to put together a fun reel!

The steps are exactly the same as above! But we do have on important tip... you'll need edit your photos.

The issue you will find with using your existing property photos, is that the majority of them will be in landscape orientation - (this is best practice for standard marketing) however reels works best when in portrait.

Don't worry, this is an easy fix using your camera app.

Open up the photo you wish edit and click edit in the top right hand corner

Click the ratio icon

Select the crop icon at the bottom right, which will enable the portrait orientation button.

For Reels, we recommend using the 3.5 as the setting

Don't be afraid to move the grid around to find the best crop.

Once happy, click done!

Check out our crops below - we managed to get 2 great shots from one image!

Now, repeat this step for all the images you want to use in in your reel.

Once you've done all the edits, head back to our initial tutorial and follow the steps again!

Happy Creating!

Stay tuned for our next blog on - creating reels from scratch, using trending music!

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