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Episode 1 - Preparing Your Home For Sale

Hi and welcome to Styled with Crib, I'm Bree.

We all know the camera can pick up on all of our unwanted imperfections. Well, this goes for your home too! It's essential to give your property a glow-up before we hit it with the camera lens… plus it helps prepare for home opens.

If you're feeling stressed about preparing your property for sale, follow along as we break down the general tips to make sure you're equipped to sell.

Back to the Basics

  • Make sure the property is clean throughout including windows, walls and blinds.

  • Eliminate clutter, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. The kitchen and bathroom bench tops should be clear of household appliances and clutter, leaving the surfaces clean and presentable.

  • De-personalise. As the property will more than likely go online, it is best to take down family or personal photos and effects.

  • Complete the small jobs you have been meaning to do, like fixing the shower rail or broken curtain rod. Although small, these items will make a big difference in the overall presentation of your home while adding value to a turn-key property.


  • Make all beds and ensure that all bedrooms are well presented to show their true size.

  • Remove clothes and personal items from the floor and other surfaces.

  • Ensure any items under the beds are not visible.

  • Tidy walk-in robes.

  • Ensure bedside lamps work and are switched ON.


  • Remove magnets/paperwork/photos from the fridge. No dishes in the sink or on the bench.

  • Declutter and clean all surfaces.

  • Clean cooktop and range hood (ensure light is working).


  • Clean all surfaces and shower screens.

  • Make sure showers are clear of toiletries and bathmats. Make sure all surfaces are clear of toiletries.

  • Close toilet lids.

  • Remove towels completely or make sure they are clean and tidy when hung up.

Outdoor Areas

  • Mow lawns.

  • Ensure all cars, trailers, bikes and caravans are out of site.

  • Make sure all lights are working.

  • Do not hose down outside areas unless there is enough drying time, if you're thinking of pressure washing pavers, make sure it's at least a few days in advance!

  • Clean the pool, remove the creepy crawly and hose, and ensure pool lights are working.

  • Remove garden equipment, tools, bins and play items.

Just like a tinder profile pic, we want to supply the best quality images to attract attention online!

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