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Photo & Video Case Study

We know it is becoming increasingly difficult to get VPA from sellers. However, having your property seen in the best light is still KEY to getting the result you and your seller want.

Our client recently shared the results from a property campaign with us.

The property was listed in June with old photos as the seller did not wish to spend additional money on marketing. After limited success, the agent took the property down and relaunched in September with new photos and a video.

  • Same address

  • Same duration

The difference?

Campaign 1 had only photos old photos

Campaign 2 had Crib Creative photos and a video

  • Ads shown 91,097 times on Instagram, FB and Google

  • 686 clicks to agent campaign page (non portals + LINK CLICKS)

  • 3756 landing page engagements

  • 8 landing page conversions to leads

  • 10 Facebook engagement / Whatsapp messages

  • 25 video ad plays

  • Impressions did not fall below 5800 on any day (12,000 day 1 and day 2 with constant clicks to campaign page)

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