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Marketing: A block of land

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Marketing a block of land can be a little more challenging than established or off the plan homes and the most important thing to note in your strategy is that it needs a different approach - leaning heavily on the location of the block, R-codes, frontage and if there are any council or government restrictions.

Lot buyers are different from homebuyers.

These two groups of people have varying needs. Homebuyers are typically looking for a property that they can move into right away, while lot buyers are shopping for the future - (and there may be varying factors driving them). For example, their child transitioning to school years and needing to move into a certain catchment area, seeking a change of lifestyle or moving closer to particular amenities or looking for that perfect development block.

The potential buyers need to understand that the lot is perfect for their needs and this can easily be achieved with quality aerial imagery, great location photos and informative information about what can be built there ( especially if its a development site).

Taking to the skies allows for capturing images to showcase the location like nothing else. Your aerial marketing package should include;

Aerial photography

  • Site shots to show off the block

  • Orientation shots showing the lands proximity to other landmarks

  • Location shots showcasing the area surrounding the lot

  • View shots - which will give buyers an opportunity to see what their view would be like from another level - for example, the second story or balcony if the block is vacant.

(view assessment second floor)

Aerial images give potential customers the best sense of how a property is situated and the amenities they will be paying for.

This is key to being able to showcase the key aspects which you feel may be suited to that target market - parks, schools, amenities or proximity to the beach or city.


Location photos

The marketing for a block of land can be beefed up with some excellent location photos. Check out our stock website Common, We have thousands of location and aerial options for only $16.50. So, a very affordable option to showcase the lifestyle of the surrounding area.

Alternately, if there are location specifics you need to be photographed, curated location shots can be booked in with us, starting from $176.


If you do want to use a video to showcase the property there are many options including:

The location/suburb profiles are not only great to sell in a block of land but can also be used for many other sales in the future, business promotion, online profile and social media to promote you as an area expert. Kill two birds here for future marketing!

Think outside the box - Team up with a local builder.

Selling the land as a house and land package could be a point of difference in the marketplace.

Even just supplying the prospective buyer with potential plans of the house/development that can be achieved on this kind of plot, could be the difference between you and a competitor selling a similar block. The majority of buyers need to be able to visualise what can be achieved.


Detail aspects of the land (zoning etc) plus its features like size and shape and any restrictions and what they'll mean for a future build. Include some information about surrounding homes as well.

A copy that paints a lifestyle here is also key. Take the buyer on a journey of what life at the address could be like for them, walk them through the neighborhood to showcase all it offers.

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