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Make your content go the distance

When it comes to creating content, it's important to think - big picture!

Consider how and where the content will be used and how it can be made timeless.

Planning is essential, so when you're working on a strategy consider ways you can get more bang for your buck and make it go the distance.

Our 3 key tips;

  1. Break it down - segment your content into smaller, more digestible chunks - especially for socials.

  2. Repurpose - most of the assets you create will have the potential to be something else, so consider how they will be used down the line.

  3. Keep - ensure all of your content is saved for future use.

Take our friends at Precision Cabinets for example, who use our photography and videography services regularly. Whether they’re shooting a product, finished project or client testimonial, each time they are adding to a library of content with us. This then allows them to plan more content from their content library - like this Highlight Reel we put together for them recently!

It's a shame to spend hours on single-use content so keep that in mind and create for the long run.

Need some inspo?

Head to our YouTube channel!

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