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Let your clients speak

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

The best way to increase consumer trust is by asking your clients (very nicely) to document their experience with you and your business. An online review is nice, but a testimonial video? Well that just takes your marketing to another level.

No matter what business you’re in, but especially one as personal as ours, establishing credibility is essential to your content marketing strategy.

Testimonials offer a little something called “social proof” - a psychology principle that says that when people are uncertain, they'll most likely look to others for behavioral guidance… Whether it be a product or service, they'll seek to learn from others who have been there before.

If you don't believe us, think about how many items you yourself have looked for social proof - for example on Amazon when looking at a new product or on TripAdvisor when planning your next getaway.

There’s a multitude of ways to receive feedback in our industry; via google, company surveys, social media, review sites such as and, and similarly, there are a bunch of ways you can use those reviews to spread the word.

Take it that step further with video

Testimonial videos allow your clients to see other people speak about your brand, offering an honest and unscripted view. It not only puts a face to your business but offers a serious amount of credibility to your brand. Whether you are using the video on your website, via an EDM or on your social media, it’s sure to resonate with your clients.

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