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It's raining, it's poring but our photographers aren't snoring

The cool weather is well and truly upon us, which brings with it cold and gloomy days.

Our clients are often quick to jump and cancel their real estate photography and videography bookings when we don’t have those perfect Perth blue skies, and while we don't blame them for thinking it's the best option, we're here to tell you, ain't no cloud bringing our team down!

Shooting on a cloudy day can actually be the perfect weather that will give you the best results! Why?

- Consistent lighting

- No harsh shadows inside and out

- We sky replace the overcast sky so it is blue

- Wet gardens are the prettiest gardens

See below some examples of properties shot on overcast/rainy days.

The only time we would recommend rescheduling is if it's pouring with rain and the property has views as a selling point. Other than that, we got you covered!

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