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It’s not the size of your property… It’s how you shoot it

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

It's easy to make a big, wow-factor property look amazing but what about those tiny apartments? Not every property has the luxury of space but every property deserves to be shown in its best light - so we asked our in-house photographer Songy to tell us what it takes to really make a small property pop!

Capturing a smaller home and making it feel more spacious takes a bit of extra thought before pressing that shutter button. People tend to want to shoot back and wide for most properties, and while that can work for your average open plan house with a nice sized backyard, that can often work against you when trying to capture a smaller space.

Also, shooting too wide in say, a city apartment, can create a false sense of space, which doesn’t help anyone. In the end, buyers will see this in the flesh and realize the shots have been a tad deceiving.

To start with (as is the case with every shoot) the property should be de-cluttered as much as possible. Clutter will make even the biggest house seem cramped. So clear benches, put loose items away in drawers or cupboards, but keep it looking like a home. Don’t clear so much it looks cold and uninviting.

Usually the smaller shoots are apartments, so showcase any views, amenities, pool, gym, even nearby facilities, shops or dining. Sell the lifestyle!

Compositing or framing the images is important with smaller dwellings. Sometimes it’s best to shoot tighter and not show that third wall, which could make it seem cramped. Be creative with angles showing the flow-through of the property… like from the bedroom through to the living area, or from the bedroom through to the courtyard or balcony.

Avoiding too many wide shots but segregating the different areas can, ironically, give a feel of more space, without having to shoot wide and create space that isn’t there to start with.

Wide shots are still important, but used minimally will work best.

Buyers are savvy when looking to purchase a home, and they know exactly what they’re looking at when it’s a smaller place. So highlight how the space feels.. less space can look more enticing when it feels right, than a bigger space that feels cold and empty.

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