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Instagram Posting Made Easy

We all know how valuable social media can be when it comes to selling property or your brand but who has the time to sit there post something every day.

What if there was a way that it could be done for you…for free?!?

Tell me more I hear you say!

There are plenty of applications both phone and computer-based that can help you do exactly that and save you time.

Planoly is one of those apps that can help you write and schedule a post either from your phone or on your laptop-double the convenience. Whether it’s a funny pic or your latest listing you can schedule it to go out whenever you want.

I really love how Planoly is set out at login showing the whole month and the picture gallery that you can just click and drag an image to when you want to post it.

It’s so simple just click on the picture you want to post, write your little spiel, tag who you want, select when you want to post it and you’re done.

The best thing is that this is all freely available to you, you’re only limited to 30 posts a month which is more than enough to work with.

In just 30 minutes once a week you can plan out your whole week or even your whole month. One less thing to worry about, now you can get back to the never-ending emails and callbacks!

Don’t forget Crib is here for all your social media needs, we’re always up for a chat!

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