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How To: Start Your Own Podcast

From our podcast producer, Sammy...

It seems like everyone is starting their own podcasts nowadays. Especially given that it can so easily be a contactless task that can still be created even with social distancing measure well in place.

Plus, so many people have more time on their hands than they are used to, so are looking to fill their days and minds with some fresh content!

As someone who produces podcasts, I have learnt a lot about the whole process. As a relatively new form of digital media that’s only really taken of within the last year or so, a lot of the learning process has been trial and error.

So if you’re looking to start your own podcast, here are all the things you should know!

  • Make sure to have a clear idea of what you want your podcast to be. This includes topics, structure and your target audience.

  • Brand your podcast. This includes naming it, getting a logo and artwork made

  • Sort out your media host. This us the server that hosts all your audio files and distributes them to the listening platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

  • You don’t NEED the best quality equipment in the world, but decent microphones and a relatively soundproof space that doesn’t echo at all definitely helps.

  • Have a pre-recorded intro and outro with a recognisable song. It helps build your brand across all episodes and consistency is important

  • Try and maintain the same distance from the microphone. And if you have a guest/s, that they should also do the same.

  • Make sure to have a clear beginning and end. Even if you have a pre-recorded and set intro and outro, the beginning of the actual podcast recording should be concise. Eg. Say ‘hello and welcome’ at the beginning, and ‘thank you and goodbye’ at the end. Especially when you have a guest, you’ll often be chatting before the podcast starts so it’s easy to trail that into the start, or just trail off at the end.

  • Pre plan what you want to talk about and the structure of each episode. Bu at the same time, et it flow! Use it as a set of guidelines rather than a set of rules.

  • Be yourself! Your voice can give away more than you would think. So if you’re nervous of uncomfortable, there’s no hiding it.

  • It can take up to two weeks for Spotify and Apple to approve a new podcast, so be patient!

  • Social media is such a great (and free!) way to promote your poddy! Reach out to friends and family, and if you want, pop some money towards boosting to reach a wider audience. We definitely recommend setting up separate and dedicated social media accounts to post and promote on.

  • Creating a podcast is such a learning curve – your first one will never be perfect. So be sure to take note of the things you’re not happy with and improve from there!

  • Lastly, have fun! If you’re making a podcast, it means you’re really passionate about something. So don’t forget about that while you and get wrapped up in the nitty-gritty of it.

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