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How to make your home look "homely" for sale

A house doesn't have to be presented perfectly for sale, it just has to look like a well-loved home.

Buyers want to be able to picture themselves, their family, their belongings and, yes, even their dog, enjoying the home in all of it's glory.

We love shooting homes, where we can capture the feel and life that loves within the home and it goes a long way to capturing attention online.

Here are a few suggestions: put some

- Flowers, always!

- Fluff and arrange the pillows on couches and beds, chop them if they are choppable.

- Light the fire inside out ( or if you can't let us know and we can add one digitally for you)

- Get your pets involved in the photos. ( we love shooting doggos, pusses, alpacas, lizards)

- If you have booked a twilight, ensure the lighting is all consistent.

- Style your bathrooms and kitchens, make it clean but add a human element, like freshly cut bread, fruit or a pitcher with glasses on the bench.

This Carlisle property is a great example of a standard home with great features being showcased in a "human" way for sale.

These are our favourite houses to sell :)

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