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How to create an Insta bio link

If you're regularly on Instagram, you would have seen this written many times…

For more, head to our link in bio!

"Link in bio" applies to a single clickable link you can include in your Instagram page's bio section. This link takes users to websites outside of the Instagram app.

You've got two ways of leveraging Instagram's link option to get followers into your own space.

1. Take them to your website where they will need to fumble their way through pages to find what they are looking for (or what you are referring to)

2. Create an visually engaging mini-site to host all your interesting content!

(Can you tell we're fans of the latter?)

So how do you create one of these so called mini-sites?

Well, like all great marketing trends, there are a bunch of apps that can do the work for you...

There’s tons of apps to choose from, all free or relatively cheap, and with varying templates and features.

Linktree, , Taplink, Insta Bio, Milkshake, Lnk.Bio are just a few to choose from.

As a business we’ve gone with Lnk.Bio and found it to be super easy to use.

It comes with a variety of customisation options that you can use to give a unique look to your site. The free version comes with template limitations, but you can easily unlock a variety of advanced features with a single payment of $24.99.

Here's how to set it up…

  • Sign up to

  • Add your Instagram user name; click on settings in the right hand corner, then click edit, next to Instagram username.

This will sync the app with your Instagram page and generate your unique URL link.

  • Next, copy the link.

  • Go to your Insta page settings and paste the URL link into the website section.

  • Go back to and start creating!

  • Simply click 'Link' and follow the prompts.

  • Link blogs, articles or information on your site, other sites, products… the world is your oyster.

  • We like to add a unique cover image to each link for visual ease but you can opt to just have headings with a basic image of your choosing.

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