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Handy app to Upgrade your Instagram

Have you heard of Link My Photos? This app allows you to link up the photos on your Instagram to a web page. This way you can send your viewers to multiple sites or pages rather than just the one website which is normally located in the URL section of your Instagram bio.

The app will provide you with data showing how many people clicked on the particular link so you can track what your users are interested in. You can also use Link My Photos to plan ahead and schedule your Instagram posts.

This could be a great tool for real estate businesses allowing you to assign a link to a post such as a property listing. When you publish a photo of a property you will be able to go onto the Link My Photos app, select the photo and attach the online listing.

You can then mention in the caption to “click in my bio for more information on this home”. You could also do a post and link it to a blog, online shop, the list goes on and include a landing page to take viewers to your website.

The free version allows you to link up 3 clickable photos at a time, scheduled 15 posts a month and access 1 Instagram account. The Shutterbug version gives you unlimited links, scheduled posts and 1 Instagram account for $4.99/month.

If you want to manage more than 1 account you will need the next subscription up.Why not give the free version a go!

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