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Floorplans - a property ad must have

One of the most effective property marketing tools, and perhaps most sought after by buyers, is a floor plan... In today's digital world where everyone starts their property search online, they are an absolute non-negotiable if you ask us!

We chat to Dylan, Head of our Drafting department, on why floorplans are essential. Working in our ever-growing floorplan department, he'll tell you that a floorplan is crucial to a solid marketing plan.

FACT: Year on year, our floorplan department has grown 30%! The biggest growth department in our business!

Q: Why should agents include floorplans in their marketing plan?

Dylan: First and foremost I think they add an element of professionalism and show that as an agent, you understand the key marketing tactics required to give a property the best chance of selling.

Floorplans help the property listing stand out, increasing online presence and creating engaging visual content. They also save time for both the agent and the buyer, especially for interstate or overseas buyers having the ability to access the property without having to travel there physically.

A floorplan also complements the property photos as agents can make references to the floorplan alongside the images.

Q: How does a floorplan help a buyer?

Dylan: A floor plan can help buyers with the visualisation process, providing a clear overview of the property and how they want to utilise the space. Buyers can better understand how the house functions in terms of the room flow, layout and size.

Pre-inspection, a professional floor plan can actually qualify a buyer because if the space isn't right, then they won't take things further.
Post-inspection, a plan remains as a great reminder of why the home may potentially be perfect for someone and could be the reason a buyer acts and puts that offer in!

Q: So how is the Crib floorplan product superior?


Where do I start?! Here's the big 5 in my opinion...

1. We have 3 diverse templates to choose from. 2. Customisation - we can tailor any of our templates to suit your brand.

3. Legible - minimalistic and non-convoluted style makes it easy to read and interpret, unlike architectural plans.

4. Accuracy - a lot of our floor planners are draftees with a wealth of experience, who pay extra attention to the minute details like window sizes, door widths, bench widths, etc. We also overlay our floor plans with landgate to ensure the property boundary is accurate.

5. 24 hour turn-around and corrections/fixes.

Got an old plan? Here’s a little fun tip - you don't need an actual draftee to go out to the property - Here, at Crib, we offer redraws based off old plans that will be a much more cost- effective option for you!

Need a floorplan? Check out your options and templates on our bookings form!

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