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Filming Real Estate Video on Your Phone

We live in an age where our phone’s filming capabilities are just as good as some professional video cameras.

So with such a powerful tool tucked away in our pockets, why not make the most of it?

Whether it be just for to get used to talking in front of a camera, or you just want to be more independent and tech savvy yourself, filming real estate video on your phone has never been so easy.

  • A phone

  • Video editing apps

  • Gimbal (optional)

  • Lapel mic (optional)

All you need is a phone that records video!

Unless you are super familiar with editing software, you want to keep things as simple as possible.

Use this opportunity as a teaser of the property. Announce an exciting new property or highlight the best features –encouraging people to have a look for themselves.

You can also do a little walk through video. Get someone to film and pretend that the camera is a potential buyer that you are showing through the property.

Quik is an app made for GoPros but it’s really easy to use and only has one Ad/endplate that you can easily trim off(but we didn’t tell you that😉)

Windows Movie Maker or iMovie are both free editing software that come with Windows computers and Mac’s respectively. Both are pretty user friendly and easy to use. There are also plenty of other free and paid apps that you can use to edit directly on your phone! Just search ‘video editing’ in the app store and find one that suits you the best!

Although these are optional, we highly recommend them! Especially if you want to continue to shoot your own video.

Having smooth footage makes your video look much more professional and easily digestible content. There is nothing worse than shaky and blurry video!

There are a lot of gimbals out there, but these are the ones we recommend

Lapel Mic

Again, you don’t need a lapel mic but always helps to have nice clear audio.

Having said that, there have been videos we have seen that have just used the inbuilt phone mic and they have been great!

Much like the gimbal, if you intend to do this kind of video regularly, it may be worth the investment.

While phone videos are great for certain purposes, some things are better left the professionals. So if you’re not sold on the idea of doing it yourself – we’d love to help!

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