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Creating an authentic profile video

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

This year we're looking forward to seeing more authentic agent profiles and less of the stock standard videos people have come to expect from the industry.

The beauty of video is its ability to tell a story and show the real side of a human being - and that's exactly what we're looking for in a profile video!

Any agent can list a property, put up a for-sale sign or conduct a home open - so what makes you different? It's very important to ask yourself this before booking your profile video. Understanding what you can offer your clients will ensure your profile video shows who you really are - your personality and your approach to what you do.

We recently shot two profile videos that really embody this approach - Mark Anderson of The Agency and Stef Dobro of White House Property Partners.

We asked our head videographer Chris to break down what shooting and editing techniques he uses to create a really genuine video.

For Mark, we went with a black and white video that focused on him and let him tell his story because that reflects who he is. The video was framed to demonstrate Mark's straightforward but approachable attitude.

Music choice is so important as it really sets the scene - for Mark, we chose an atmospheric style & kept the music low so it was the dialogue that drove the video, not the music. We added some sound effects so the video felt authentic, and the use of titles helped to break up the dialogue.

For Stef's video, we wanted to show warmth and support to reflect Stef and her brand.

The filming was slow motion and heavily featured her smile to show her and her brand which is soft & elegant and the video was then edited to a carefully chosen piece of music that told a story. The edit made use of the beats, notes and rises of the music as well as matching the lyrics to give a feel-good vibe and leave the audience feeling warm at the end of the video.

Both videos are very different but that's exactly how they should be - no two agents are the same!

Have an idea for your profile video or like to talk through how we can help you create something different and authentic? Get in touch!

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