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APP CHAT: Vixer video editing app

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Keen to start creating your own videos for social media or other digital marketing?

Smartphones have their own video editing apps, but they’re a little clunky and lack many features. Luckily, there are hundreds of video apps out there! Most are super easy to use and are typically free or carry a small yearly subscription (with extra paid features optional).

So, with so many at your disposal, how do you select the right one for your projects?

You're in luck! We did the hard work for you and tested some of the hottest video apps at the moment narrowing it down to just one for its ease of use and long list of features!


This Vixer App is user friendly, packs lots of features and the basic version is free to use! Enhance your videos by adding features like music, voice over, overlay text and more + speed or slow down transitions and trim as needed.

Just like most other apps, Vixer also has a pro version that you can unlock after installing. If you opt for the pro version, you get more features to control your video editing.

So, how can you benefit from the app as agent?

It’s perfect for creating short vides for your social media and other digital platforms - think;

  • self record market wrap ups

  • create property walk throughs

  • Edit an existing professional video

  • mash up photos and turn them into a video... (this is our fav)

Think about how many photos of past and current properties you have at your disposal... have some fun with them and create multiple short videos!

Ok let's get started.

1, Open your Vixer App and click New Project

2. This will automatically open up your gallery where you can select photos or videos.

Tap on the files you'd like to use - choose as many or as little as you like. The files will be numbered as you click on them, so you know what you've selected. This will also be the order in which the files will display.

Once happy with your selection, click Next (Don't worry, you can always go back and add new files)

The fun bit... let's edit!

Click on the Speed icon to adjust the speed of the transitions between images.

The default transition time is 3 seconds - you can adjust this by moving the bar left or right. When you are happy with the speed of the frame, either tap the single tick (this will only change timing of that one frame OR click the double tick, to ''apply to all'').

Next, add some audio. Tap the audio button to get started.

This will open up a music gallery which is sectioned into different themes/genres. - run down the list, pressing play on each track until you find one you like.

Once happy with your song choice, tap the song title and it will apply to your video

Now you'll see the track under the audio. Select the fade in feature, which will mean the song will slowly start as your video begins to play.

**This is also the spot where you could record a voice over using the mic setting in the left hand corner. For example, if it was a no-audio video of a property, you could record yourself describing the home!

Now, scroll right ---> to the end of your video and select fade out, to give the video a tidy finish.

NOTE: At any point you can go back and make changes. For example, if you're not loving the song or the transition speeds you've chosen, you can adjust.

Once happy, click the top right hand corner arrow, which will bring up the below bar - you can choose to save the video to your device (HD720 is a good size for small screens) or you can upload direction the list of platforms!

Best of all? The app will keep all your projects open so you can re-edit if need be down the line.

Happy editing!

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