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Agents, are you feeling stuck with your social media?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Keen to ramp up your social media presence but a little stuck? We feel you… social media is a BEAST!

As a real estate agent, you’re no doubt busy juggling many aspects of your business, so focusing on yet another (eg. social media) can become a ‘’too hard” category very quickly.

Now, let's preface, we don't believe you NEED social media. We strongly believe your time is better spent elsewhere but If done well and with a clear plan, it makes an excellent addition to your marketing strategy and can build awareness today, and hopefully dollars, tomorrow. But it won't happen overnight, consistency is key.

So, the tricky bit - how do you keep the content flowing?

STRATGY our friends… a strategy.

And whatever that strategy is, make it genuine, relatable and interesting.

CREATE AUTHORITY - by sharing content to show that you’re a credible expert via industry news, tips and updates that will resonate with your audience.

CREATE LIKEABILITY - sharing content that builds relationships and trust, showing you in a personable light is very important. Don’t forget, selling your home is a very personal and monumental step in ones life, selecting an agent on likeability factor is not unusual, so as well as being a great real estate agent - be someone people can relate to on other levels.

PROMO CONTENT - You've got two options here; 1. promote your listings to your audience 2. Facebook paid ads.

While sharing your listings with your followers is important, it should absolutely not make up the bulk of your strategy. Reserve your hard-hitting property marketing to the paid ads feature, which will allow you to directly target demographics and users who have shown specific interest in buying property in your area.

Share stories, not testimonials

People love stories. Far more than they love bragging. Rather than talking about how great YOU are, talk about how fantastic the result was for YOUR clients.

Tell us about the sellers… tell us about the buyers… Did they have goals? Obstacles? How did you assist? What was the result and the impact on all parties? These are stories people want to hear. They will still serve the same purpose, but be a much more genuine approach.

Industry and market news

The real estate market is a forever evolving one. Property prices, rates, legalities - there is no shortage of news. Whether it’s real estate advice, helpful content or industry reports/news, keeping your clients in the loop shows that you’re an active agent.

Here are some great resources to check frequently;

Did you know: We have a full resource centre on the back end of our client portal, that includes a stream of all incoming property and home improvement news from around Australia! The hard work is all done for you and it is there for you to use!

Offer genuine advice

Think about the last appraisal you did - do you remember what questions the client asked you? Or what questions do you repeatedly get from buyers?

Keep those questions handy and start writing responses to them that you can share in the way of a post. Chances are, most of your clients/followers will have similar questions and will find them useful.

Include video

Video is arguably the most preferred method for consuming content online so jumping in front of the camera is a must.

Try a weekly segment - not only does that mean regularly content for posting, but a an excellent way to engage with your clients.

Come up with a theme that is relevant to you and your audience that you can focus on each week- for example - a market update, weekly question answered, local community spot review...

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