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A Guide to: Rebranding

Updated: May 28, 2020

With potentially more time on your hands, you may be thinking about different things you can do for your business that you normally wouldn't make time for.

So in the spirit of making the most out of a bad situation, why not use this time to give your brand a little extra love and a refresh?

There are heaps of reasons that you should consider rebranding! If you tick any of these boxes, then it is definitely something you should look into. Your target demographic has changed This could be because your brand has grown and you want to broaden your appeal. Or it could also mean that you have a more specific and niche audience that you want to target instead. Times are changing This could mean you have more competitors or different competitors and you need to stand out. Or maybe technology and trends have changed and you can see that your brand looks outdated. Your business has changed Maybe it's not just external forces changing – maybe it’s your business itself! Your brand needs to reflect the current or coming state of your business. You haven’t quite nailed it yet… Does your brand not have a cohesive look? If your brand is new, or you haven’t quite had time or the understanding to create a true brand, then now id the time! This includes fonts, brand colours and logos.

A refresh This is definitely the easier option. Maybe you just need your brand altered to be more contemporary while still maintaining the general look and feel. This could mean selecting a more modern font, slightly changing the colours or just generally making things a bit more simple and clean. A total rebrand This is a bit more of an undertaking. But now is the time! Especially if your business is on hold, it’s the perfect opportunity to do all the grunt work so you can come back with a bang! This is when you completely revisit everything and make more drastic changes.


Start by clearly establishing your mission, vision and values. Does your brand communicate this? Two

Planning is everything! You need a holistic strategy on how to roll out the rebrand once it’s done. This includes websites, social media, flyers, business cards and all print and digital media. Three Figure out what to keep and what to throw out. What parts of your current brand do you want top maintain and what stuff needs to go? Four Check out the competition and the market. This can quickly tell you if/when/why you need to rebrand! Five Don’t try and do it alone! This is a collaborative process. Get help from within your business and outsource where needed! Six Keep track and be sure to project manage! This can be a big undertaking, so you need a solid plan with deadlines and goals and a list of all things that need to be achieved. Seven Let the world know! Launching a rebrand is exciting stuff – so get excited or this!

Iconic Rebrands

Just in case you need a trip down memory lane and some inspo for your own rebranding!

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