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4 ways to use video for your next listing

We’re constantly being asked for the latest trends in video. But as agents scramble to move everything online and give potential buyers all the information they need digitally, we’re working with agents to produce ever-varying video formats.

Each one has it’s own place, own style of property it will suit and each will have a different type of agent that it attracts. The only thing you can get wrong at this point is not doing video at all!

Video 1: Use humour/personality to show off the property attributes

This is perfect for the agent who doesn’t mind using themselves (or their friends or family) to really sell the property features and is sure to get attention on social media!

The perfect example for this type of video is this little number from Mark Grogan – Mark uses his family to showcase show close the property is to the local school (hint – throwing distance). Enjoy!

Video 2: Floorplan Walkthrough video

This is a great way to showcase the home and give people an idea of the layout and how it feels to move through the property.

A great and more cost-effective solution to a Matterport, it’s a video so more user-friendly for a lot of people (who don’t want to take themselves through the property) but still gives a great understanding of the space.

Take a look at how they work here:

Video 3: Virtual Home Open

This is a great option for agents who want to walk potential buyers through the property, step by step. You can take the time to point out the property features (as you would in person) and give your audience a really good insight into all the features that would make this property their next dream home.

Here’s a great example:

Video 4: Use emotion & showcase the location

Just because you are selling a property digitally, doesn’t mean you should forget the emotion factor. And while we are all locked inside, for now, location location location is still paramount in a buyers purchasing journey.

Capitilise on both of these things with your music choice, imagery & script to tell a story and convey a feeling with your video.

Here is a great example of using location & script to convey emotion:

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