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3D Virtual Tours - the many uses!

Many view the Matterport 3D virtual tours as just a walk-through of the property that people can people view online but did you know it has many other uses? We thought we would showcase what can be done in the scan as well as what it can be used for, apart from a walk-through of the property.

Measuring spaces and rooms

See the below example video of how easy it is!

You can measure any space in the tour, including rooms, cavity spaces like fridge and washing machine recesses, door entries and the list goes on.

Handy for:

The sale period for pedantic buyers who want to measure before they offer. ( Yes, it happens)

The period between finance and settlement for your buyers, so they can measure spaces/rooms and recesses.

** We suggest you disclaimer this with your buyer and ask them to just use it as a guide. Measurement accuracy is not guaranteed.

A dated visual representation of the home prior to the sale

We had an agent contact us recently about a dispute between the property condition at time of sale vs settlement. Luckily, the agent had a Matterport tour and could prove the condition of the property via the 3D virtual tour and the date we supplied them that it was conducted on. This saved the owners $$$ at settlement.

Property Condition Reports

Property Managers can use these as a part of their Property Condition reports. We actually can transfer these tours for this purpose! Just ask us (there is a small release/transfer fee).

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