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3 New Year Marketing Musts!

It's a new year, and a great time to check yo - self.

In other (more sensible words), it's an excellent time to go through your current marketing assets to ensure everything is in tip top shape (and looking fresh) - here are out top 3 tips!

First up? Google!

Check your Business listing on Google and make sure all of your details are up to date. We can't tell you how often we see listings with incorrect information and old shopfront photos and logos - a simple mistake that can cost your business. Why? A sloppy listing suggests sloppy service!

Check out our guide on how to optimise your Google listing!

Don't be afraid to ask your recent sellers/buyers for a testimonial - send them a link to your Google listing and ask the question... what have you got to lose?

While we are on the topic of testimonials, why not try a video testimonial? Nothing tells a story better than video...

Review your digital footprint including

(Facebook, Instagram, and Rate my Agent)

  • Is all your information correct (and the same across all platforms)?

  • Are your reviews current, if not, add some where you can!

  • Are your images (profile picture, banners and cover images all streamlined? And do they need a refresh?

Now could also be a great time to update your profile picture across all of your marketing We love relaxed location shoots, like the below! Bright and fun with plenty of personality.

Take your personal marketing to another level with a quick profile video to feature across your digital platforms!

Review your marketing budget and ROI

Are you spending money on letterbox drops rather than digital advertising or another more effective method?

Research shows that letterbox drops are still one of the top picks for agents when marketing themselves, but are they really the most effective use of an agent’s time and money? The jury is out for us.

If you are a believer and lover of print media, don't let us deter you - there's still a time and place, but we'd love to encourage you to think outside the box here and try and offer something different to the standard DL. What about a cool postcard? For example, jump on COMMON and find a nice stock image and send a postcard to say hey!

While digital platforms like Facebook may be less personal, their ROI can not be debated,

Check out this handy article on how you could be utilising Facebook for you real estate business. The Facebook Business center is a very helpful tool when starting out and one you can turn to with almost any question you have.

Happy New Year!

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