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Welcome to ZERA - a new beginning and our latest project!

Drawing on inspiration from the Hebrew word for “new dawn”, the aptly named ZERA residence is the start of a fresh and luxurious chapter for Nedlands, with a difference. Those who seek out their own new beginning here are sure to love everything about residing within this truly stunning, yet boutique building - and we had the pleasure of brining the brand to life!

A collection of just fifteen, 2 and 3 bedroom, spacious apartments and loft-style homes, this is a unique opportunity for a select few to live the low maintenance and secure apartment lifestyle without forgoing interior space, compromising on character or enduring a loss of privacy.


It's all in the name...

Perfectly positioned within the affluent Nedlands and neighbouring the tranquil Peace Memorial Rose Gardens, our idea for the project's name and branding vision was to respect and pay homage to the history of this garden and those whose own new beginnings were perhaps cut short, long ago. Targeting young professionals and local downsizers in the area, the theme of new beginning seemed all too fitting.

Being different

ZERA was going to have some fierce competition in the market... so being able to stand out in a crowd was a must. And what colour says “Hello, I’ve arrived” better than shade of red?

Enter... burgundy!

A colour that represents so many things - sophistication, ambition, wealth and power, all of which fit the mold all too perfectly for a residence such as ZERA and its target market.

And the rose symbol? Well that was just the easy choice - right? Though it's the straight lines in our symbol that compliment the buildings architecture so well.

We’ve loved working on the concept and cannot wait to show you more in the coming weeks... stay tuned!

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