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We flew a drone inside a display home! Check it out!

With nerves a plenty, Chris and Dylan recently tested our new toy out, a FPV ( First Person View) Drone, inside a display home! Yes, inside!

This drone differs to regular drones in that you fly it wearing googles and use a small handheld remote, much like a video game. Our regular drone fleet ( the ones we fly outside) are operated with a phone/ipad attached to a large remote as well as our operators keep a direct line of sight with the drone. ( Very Important!)

Now let's preface this with an important point.

All of our drone operators have undertaken an extensive flying course and are all CASA certified, as well as the business holds a Remotely piloted aircraft operator's certificate and we are fully insured, so all Crib operators have the correct qualifications to be flying drones safely and within rules and regulations.

Still, the boys were shitting bricks. Confident, but scared.

Chris reckons:

"I was nervous. Flying with googles is weird & it's not easy. The biggest challenge is getting your bearings and positioning the drone in the right spot to get a good shot. I think it will be a great product for big, open plan homes."

Dyl reckons:

"I was definitely scary at first because the goggles are really immersive and put you in the drivers seat I think some of the challenges were being able to navigate tight spaces and have good spatial awareness. I think it's going to be a popular product because it's relatively new and brings a fresh perspective into the way we view real estate."

All jokes aside, this is a product we are super excited to bring to the market and the final result is pretty cool! Check it out below.

We are taking expressions of interest on this at the moment, so please get in touch if you would like to be considered. Pricing on application at the moment.

Note: As we are sticklers for the rules, we can't fly this drone outside due to it being illegal (unless approved by CASA, which is a lengthy process - we are however keeping an eye out for rule changes in the future) so the footage from the outside is from a regular drone.

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