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(Summer) loving our latest project brand.

Ah, summer… we can feel it in the air and we're SO excited! (is it just us or has winter been around for 4 years now?) With long, sunny days around the corner, it's only fitting that we chat about the launch of our latest projects baby - Cove on Overton.

We were pumped when Space Real Estate got in touch with us to help them bring the vision of a luxury new residence in affluent Cottesloe to life. The renders were exquisite, the offer exclusive and we had to deliver a brand to match. - and pretty quicky, as the developer was keen to launch in a matter of weeks.

The first step? Strategise on how to position this residence as the best thing to hit the area while fitting with the true character of the offering and target market. Now Cottesloe and Perth have no shortage of beachside living brands to draw inspo from… sun, surf, flip flops and waves… but oh so predictable - right? We were all about oozing private, exclusive, expensive beachside living that would appeal to our local downsizer market. Soft tones, moody sunsets and all the fine things that come with residing in Perth's fancy end of town.

We started with the logo design like all good creatives… noting that a ‘brand’ is not just a logo (contrary to what many believe). A brand is much, much more. It’s imagery, its colours, textures… its a story, and we love telling a good story. Once we had a our logo design and theming nailed, we sent our photographer out into the world.

Boutique living, sunset beach walks, manicured gardens, linen love… an expensive, luxurious and elevated lifestyle. We think she captured it perfectly, and from there… everything just fell into place. Welcome to the Crib family, Cove on Overton, you stylish thing you.

We love the end result, and our client was very happy too!

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