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Studio Crib - Profile Videos - Then & Now

10 years ago we completed our first ever real estate agent profile video for Lindsay Earnshaw.

And last month we had the opportunity to create a brand-new profile video for Lindsay and his team.

Which got us thinking, how have things changed?

Who better to ask than Chris Nixon, our head videographer and the man behind the camera for BOTH of the videos in question?

So what has changed in the last ten years? Read on to hear Chris's thoughts...

The obvious:

Filming Equipment

In 2013 I had to carry a 3kg slider around with me; a set of rails to put the camera on to get smooth movement. It was cumbersome, had to be set up each time you moved and had a limited movement of about half a meter. Now we have gimbals! Now camera movement is limited only by your creativity. They also make filming quicker as you only need to set it up once.


These were around 10 years ago but weren’t as easily accessible or usable. The smallest and most lightweight drone for filming was over 5kg and you couldn’t actually tell what you were filming while flying. You had to press record before launching and hope for the best. Now drones are small, cheap and have insane image quality.

The stuff you wouldn't notice if we didn't tell you:


10 years ago music that could be used for corporate or real estate video without paying $100 per song was really hard to find & the music that was readily available all sounded the same. Since then about half a dozen new music libraries with thousands of songs from different genres have been founded. Now I can find the right song to fit the story I’m trying to tell.

Filming Techniques

Gone are the old days of simple camera pans & static shots. In addition to gimbals and drones social media, affordable cameras & the explosion of online video content over the past decade there’s so much inspiration and competition to draw from. Filming techniques have to feel real, natural, cinematic & seamless to help a viewer engage with a video. Newer, better cameras have made filming in a variety of situations easier & the change in storytelling has also driven how we use all these new technologies & techniques.

The important stuff:


People want to hear stories about other people & not be given a sales pitch. The videos that uncover the stories of the impact someone has had on people’s lives or community are far more effective than a talking head telling the viewer they are good at their job. Less sales, more heart.

*Note from Crib - This is a general trend in marketing across the board that has been strongly influenced by social media. We are bombarded by marketing from everyone, all day every day. So unless you are telling a good story, no one wants to listen.

What hasn't changed:

Camera nerves

When I interview or film people they still get nervous or are afraid of the camera. I’ve gotten better at making people feel comfortable but you can still sometimes see the nerves sneak in.

Have a look for yourself. What else do you think has changed in the last 10 years?

Then - 2013

Now - 2023

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