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While as marketers we're always adding to our list of tools - you just can't get past a good ol' email. If you ask us, EDM's should absolutely make up a part of a good project marketing strategy.

Well-designed emails are a simple and effective way of building relationships and connecting directly with your audience, regularly. And, if you’re a lover of analytics like we are, then this is one marketing avenue that always delivers the goods, allowing you to delve deep into how your audience is engaging with what you’ve sent - from open rates, click throughs and unsubscribes (plus much more).

3 reasons we love EDM’s. 1. They’re engaging - a powerful way to communicate and build relationships while also strengthening your projects overall brand. 2. They’re measurable - metrics will allow you to track and measure success and most importantly, adapt your content accordingly. 3. They're sustainable - brochures and DL’s not only cost you, but the earth so it's a no brainer. While you can use your current email provider, we’re big fans of using purpose built platforms like MailChimp - they’re known for being user friendly and funcional, and most are free for one user! Don’t forget the long game... Your project marketing campaign needs to adapt and serve the length of the project, so it's important to keep content fresh, relevant and consistent - planning ahead is key to this. Whether it’s monthly, bi monthly or quarterly, an EDM calendar can help hold you accountable. In struggle town for fresh ideas? Our creative team is always here to help!

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