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Our Fave Portrait Location Ideas

Need new Branding Shots, Portrait Photos or Social Media Content? Here are our top location suggestions for when you want to get out of the studio.

We love getting out of the studio and shooting on location! Every location is different and you can get such unique images. On top of that, many people find it much more relaxed stepping outside the studio environment and getting photos on their own turf.

Your Local Cafe Strip

Your local cafe strip can be a treasure trove of photo options with streetscapes, facades and interiors on offer. It also has the benefit of being easily recognisable for locals in your area. You can switch things up with a variety of posed and more casual/candid shots in this kind of location. Just remember if you want to get some shots inside it’s always good to check with the cafe in advance to make sure it’s okay to take some photos inside.

A Beautifully Presented Home

A gorgeously styled home with plenty of natural light is one of our favourite choices for stunning photos. A home provides an array of options for backgrounds and furniture for posing. Pick something light and airy for flattering lighting conditions in a location that can be used no matter the day, meaning we can shoot rain, hail or shine!

Your Favourite Furniture Store or Showroom

An interesting alternative you may not have considered is a furniture store or showroom. Pick a business with stylish pieces that you love. They’ll normally have a variety of curated set-ups meaning you’ve got a ton of different chic options all in one location. Just make sure you organise with the store in advance to make sure they’re happy for you to use their space and ask them to recommend a time of day when they’re likely to be quiet.

Your local Park, Beach or Nature Reserve

A classic choice for a reason. Your favourite local outdoor location can make awesome shots especially when you pick the right time of day and use natural light to your advantage. The bright blue ocean or soft greenery can showcase your area and gently bring the focus into the subject. Chat with our team so we can recommend the best time of day to get some amazing photos.

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