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Making the most of your Premium Portrait shoot

Sometimes when you’re coming in for photos it can be a little overwhelming knowing exactly what shots you need. To get the best out of your shoot, it pays to take a little bit of time to think about exactly what you are wanting to achieve.

We’re always happy to give you our recommendations, but the more info you can give us about what you're looking for, the better!

Read on for our best suggestions of things to think about in the lead up to your Premium Portrait shoot.

What do you want to use the photos for?

Are the shots for social media or print material? Will they be used as standalone images or as part of a larger layout? Are you planning to overlay them with text or logos?

Are you looking for a particular tone for the shots?

A professional, serious feel; something that shows your fun side and personality; or a mix of both? If we know what you’re looking for, we can direct you to nail that look.

There are so many different types for shots we can take!

Shots for website profile photos, business cards and email signatures usually focus on the subject which will fill the entire frame.

Alternatively, images used for social media or other advertising might be composed with the subject weighted to one side of the image, or deliberately include negative space for text, logos or other graphics.

How do you want to use your location?

If you’re outside the studio, we're always ready to take inspirations from the location but we'd love to hear your ideas about how you want to use your location!

Are there are certain things in the background you’d like to feature? Or would you rather keep the background a little cleaner? Would you like to be the main focus of the shot or include more background to show off your location?

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