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How to look & feel relaxed so you can nail your next portrait

The other day a client came into our studio for a portrait. She said "last time I was here I was so nervous about getting my photo done, I was dreading coming in but I was so excited today, I love it here!"

It made our day! But the thing is, we know how hard it is to get your portrait done if you don't like having your photo taken (really, who does.) But it's really important for you to be as relaxed as possible because the camera sees everything, including all your nerves and stress :)

So here are Suzie's top tips for looking relaxed and happy for your next portrait.

Take a minute

We know your to-do list is a mile long and you have a nightmare client that won't stop calling you. But before you step into the studio, take a minute in the car, take a deep breath and let it all go. Just for 20-minutes so we can't see that stress and worry all over your face! You can start thinking about it again when you leave our space with a beautiful portrait photo.

Relax your mouth

A tense jaw means a tense body and eyes. Here's a little tip to loosen that jaw and release the rest of your body. Lightly rest your tongue on the back of your top teeth, your jaw should automatically lose all its tension.

Roll your shoulders.

Once you've relaxed your jaw, roll your shoulders back. Having them sitting up under your ears is a dead giveaway that you are uncomfortable!

Don't be afraid to...

Laugh! (AKA TRust your photographer!)

We get it, we promise we're not trying to send you home with a photo mid-cackle, but often the money shot will come after you've had a bit of a laugh because your face will naturally fall into a more genuine smile after laughing rather than a fake one.

Let us know what you like/dislike in a photo of yourself

Yes, some people DO have a good side, especially if you wear your hair in an asymmetrical way, and we're always happy to chat with you about what's going to be best for you.

If you're really self-conscious about something, tell your photographer upfront! They can't read your mind but if you tell them they can take this into account when posing you - We have a lot of little tricks up our sleeves!

Better to tell us at the start of your shoot than wait until the end and hate every photo we've taken because your left ear looks bigger than your right... Don't worry, we've heard it all before.

A few other tips to pre-game your portrait...

Don't try to hide behind a baggy outfit Wear something you LOVE & that makes you feel confident and make sure it fits you well. You might think that baggy top is hiding you but we promise your photos will be better if you choose something fitted. What would you wear to meet a new client? Get your hair & makeup done If you think it will make you feel your best, book that hair and makeup appointment! Pump it up

Listen to your favorite music in the car on the way to your portrait. ANd turn it up LOUD SMILE

You may be feeling nervous on your way into your session but give us your best grin when you come into the office. Smiling releases endorphins so you'll convince yourself you're in for a great time - which you are!

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