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Graphic Design Trends 2020

Updated: May 28, 2020

Graphic design trends are constantly changing. It doesn’t take long for something that looked modern and fresh one day, to look old and overused the next.

Over the last few years, simplicity and minimalism have been a constant and seemingly unwavering trend. However, 2020 seems to be leaning towards some more different and unique styles. The start of a new decade means a whole array of fresh trends to keep your eye out for – and here are some of them!

Unique Branding

Your brand is no longer just a logo and, in an over-saturated market, a unique brand identity and image is just as important as your logo. When creating a brand, or refreshing an existing one, consider not only customising your logo, but also your website, social media presence and anything print (eg business cards, flyers etc.). Make everything as unique and personally branded as possible! Avoid generic templates and try to add your own flair!

Thinking Outside the Box

Over the last few years, the biggest design trend has been simplicity. Simple fonts, block colours and minimalist designs. But now playing it safe is overdone, so there is a definite move towards more experimental and one of a kind branding approaches. This trend opens the door to creativity. There is so much room to have fun with your brand so have fun with it!

Custom Typography

No matter what industry you’re in, odds are that you work in a competitive and over-saturated market. Anything that sets your brand apart from the rest is a win. A unique and often overlooked way of doing things differently is custom typography. Like any area of design, there are trends in typography that people tend to gravitate towards. While it can be tempting to conform, having your own unique font is a sure-fire way set yourself apart. Plus there is the added benefit of not having to worry about licensing and the added costs and stresses that can come with using a pre-existing font.

Bold, Contrasting Colours

Just like simplicity in design has been on-trend, so have neutral colours. However, we can definitely see a shift from that minimalist style, to a more bold and bright direction! If you have been wanting to experiment and step away from the minimalist style, now is the time! Make your brand pop with bright & contrasting colours.

Bringing Art Back Into Design

The shift away from simplicity and minimalism brings back the art in graphic design. Illustrations are a fantastic way to add personalisation and meaning to design – as well as artistic flair and the opportunity to create a truly unique brand presence.

Bring back art in 2020!

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