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Capturing the Perfect Portrait

Let’s be honest, there aren’t too many of us who enjoy getting our portrait taken! So here are some of our top tips to help you feel comfortable in (or out) of the studio, so we can capture the true you!


If our photographer says something stupid in the office, it’s not because they’ve lost their marbles. It's to get you to laugh, smile, get a real reaction out of you.... not a fake/ staged smile 😉⁠

Did you know by wearing a suit and tie you already have three looks! How you ask!?⁠ 1. Start with the full suit & tie⁠ 2. Remove the tie⁠ 3. Remove your jacket, hands in the pockets, step side to side....

Ta-da – three looks!

Ladies, pop a hand on your waist. It will give you a great silhouette (and bonus points for feeling powerful!)

Don't be afraid to wear dark colours on a dark background. We have some pretty cool lighting techniques that will still have you popping.

It's all about MOVEMENT. If you stand still for too long in a position that you start to overthink things, your lip starts to twitch, your eyes start to water and somehow you forget where your feet are meant to be! ⁠

Simply fixing your cuff link or collar will help.... Guess what! You just forgot about everything else but what you are doing in that moment.

That makes you and your images look way more relaxed and natural.

Location, Location, Location

Want to stand out from the crowd? why not try having your session outside in front of some creative artwork?⁠

Want to have your photo session in a cafe or in a really cool restaurant? Don't forget to get permission from the manager or owners of the venue. This way they won't be caught off guard when we arrive to shoot & they may also suggest the best time to arrive (quiet time, fewer customers)⁠

Don't stress if you have a large team! We can make it work! Let's hit up a park, the waterfront and any outdoor location that suits your brand, where we can get a little creative with the photos & your team.⁠

The Finale

We don't want you walking out of your photo session and not 100% satisfied with your images, this why we do a live shoot & you can see them as we capture them! We go through the whole gallery together and we select them, then and there. So there are no sneaky surprises when you receive your edited images.⁠

Did you know that we have over 10 backdrop options in just our studio alone! There’s something there for anyone’s taste or style. Get in touch with us to book in your next portrait session!

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