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Updated: Jul 5, 2021

In real estate, it’s the one-percenters that can really make a difference, that little bit extra you do to get the sale over the line. Sometimes these are insignificant and go unnoticed, but at the end of the day, it can mean thousands of $$$ difference for your seller.

We take the same approach with our photos especially since they are such a big asset when it comes to selling a property. We are always thinking, how can we go that extra mile, make this image just that bit better and make your listing shine!

It’s the little things!

We remove those pesky pool cleaners if you can’t get them out.

We change that gloomy grey sky into a nice blue outlook.

In winter we can even add some fire into a fireplace to warm up the mood if you want.

It’s the small things that can go seemingly unnoticed but can make the biggest difference.

But wait there’s more!! We can put a movie scene in the theatre and if you haven’t been able to get the landscaping done…save your legs, we will put on our gloves and do the heavy lifting for you!*

*Edits such as landscaping and virtual furniture do incur a fee. Ask us what you need and we can provide a quote for the work.

If there is any way we can make your photos stand out amongst the crowd please let us know, the bookings team is always happy to chat 😊

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