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2022 projects outlook

Our money is on it being a great year!

We always say, stop listening to the media and look at the facts. Momentum continues to grow in Perth’s new apartment market despite industry concerns regarding the impact of rising construction costs.

How do we know this? Well, last quarter reported higher sales than the previous four of 2019/20…

The media continues to talk boom and bust, but despite the surge in the Perth market, and the ongoing escalation of building costs, prices still remain the most competitive of any capital city in Australia, fuelling interest. In fact, we chatted to our key developer clients last week and all but one reported an increase in enquiry rates over the Christmas break.

ZERA - 13 Vincent Street, Nedlands

Expats are returning home, travel will resume and general sentiment will no doubt increase as a result, naturally, having a flow-on effect to the apartment space.

Stay tuned...

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